Talent details

Name:Haifeng Zhu
Title & Affiliation:Ph.D, Professor
Homepage in Chinese:http://sourcedb.itpcas.cas.cn/cn/expert/201209/t20120907_3640193.html
Address:Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lin Cui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101P.R. China

Education and Appointments

Ph.D. in Physical Geography, Department of Geography and Remote Sensing, Beijing Normal University, China, 2006
B. S. in Geography, Department of Geography, Qufu Normal University, China, 2001
2019.01-present Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China
2011.11-2018.12 Associate Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China
2010.04-2011.10 Associate Professor (project), Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China
2006.07-2010.3 Postdoc, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, China

Research Interest

Research Interests: Tree rings, climate change, glaciers, forest
Research Fields: Patterns and process of land surface system, Climatology, Geography, Ecology

Selected Publications

Publications in the recent 5 years (2016-2020) (* corresponding author; # joint first authors; Including books and book chapters)

Part 1: 5 representative publications 
1. Sigdel, S.R., Zhang, H., Zhu, H.F.*, Muhammad, S., Liang, E., 2020. Retreating Glacier and Advancing Forest Over the Past 200 Years in the Central Himalayas. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 125, e2020JG005751.
2. Huang, Ru, Zhu, H.F.*, Liang, E., Griecinger, J., Wernicke, J., Yu, W.S., Hochreuther, P., Risi, C., Zeng, Y.J., Fremme, A., 2019. Temperature signals in tree-ring oxygen isotope series from the northern slope of the Himalaya. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 506, 455-465.
3. Zhu, H.F.*, Shao, X.M., Zhang, H., Asad, F., Sigdel, S.R., Huang, Ru, Li, Y.N., Liu, W.W., Muhammad, S., Hussain, I., 2019. Trees record changes of the temperate glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau: Potential and uncertainty. Global and Planetary Change. 173, 15-23.
4. Bayramzadeh, V., Zhu, H.F.*, Lu, X.M., Attarod, P., Zhang, H., Li, X.X., Asad, F., Liang, E., 2018. Temperature variability in Northern Iran during the past 700 years. Science Bulletin. 63, 462-464.
5. Asad, F., Zhu, H.F.*, Zhang, H., Liang, E., Muhammad, S., Farhan, S.B., Hussain, I., Wazir, M.A., Ahmed, M., Esper, J., 2017. Are Karakoram temperatures out of phase compared to hemispheric trends? Climate Dynamics. 48, 3381-3390.
Part 2: all other publications (exclude part 1)
1. Lu, X.M., Huang, Ru, Wang, Y.F., Zhang, B.Q., Zhu, H.F., Camarero, J.J., Liang, E., 2020. Spring Hydroclimate Reconstruction on the South‐Central Tibetan Plateau Inferred From Juniperus Pingii Var. Wilsonii Shrub Rings Since 1605. Geophysical Research Letters. 47, e2020GL087707.
2. Fu, T., Liang, E., Lu, X.M., Gao, S., Zhang, L., Zhu, H.F., Rossi, S., Camarero, J.J., 2020. Tree growth responses and resilience after the 1950-Zayu-Medog earthquake, southeast Tibetan Plateau. Dendrochronologia. 62, 125724.
3. Xu, C.X., Zhu, H.F.*, Nakatsuka, T., Sano, M., Li, Z., Shi, F., Liang, E., Guo, Z.T., 2019. Sampling strategy and climatic implication of tree-ring cellulose oxygen isotopes of Hippophae tibetana and Abies georgei on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. International Journal of Biometeorology. 63, 679-686.
4. Huang, Ru, Zhu, H.F.*, Liang, E., Liu, B., Shi, J.F., Zhang, R.B., Yuan, Y.J., Griecinger, J., 2019. A tree ring-based winter temperature reconstruction for the southeastern Tibetan Plateau since 1340 CE. Climate Dynamics. 53, 3221-3233.
5. Wang, Y.F., Case, B., Lu, X.M., Ellison, A.M., Pecuelas, J., Zhu, H.F., Liang, E., Camarero, J.J., 2019. Fire facilitates warming-induced upward shifts of alpine treelines by altering interspecific interactions. Trees. 33, 1051-1061.
6. Huang, Ru, Zhu, H.F.*, Liang, E., Griecinger, J., Dawadi, B., Brouning, A., 2019. High-elevation shrub-ring δ18O on the northern slope of the central Himalayas records summer (May–July) temperatures. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 524, 230-239.
7. Huang, Ru, Zhu, H.F.*, Liang, E., Asad, F., Griecinger, J., 2019. A tree-ring–based summer (June–July) minimum temperature reconstruction for the western Kunlun Mountains since AD 1681. Theoretical and Applied Climatology. 138, 673-682.
8. Liang, E., Dawadi, B., Pederson, N., Piao, S.L., Zhu, H.F., Sigdel, S.R., Chen, D.L., 2019. Strong link between large tropical volcanic eruptions and severe droughts prior to monsoon in the central Himalayas revealed by tree-ring records. Science Bulletin. 64, 1018-1023.
9. Meier, W.J., Aravena, J.C., Griecinger, J., Hochreuther, P., Soto-Rogel, P., Zhu, H.F., Pol-Holz, R.D., Schneider, C., Braun, M.H., 2019. Late Holocene Glacial Fluctuations of Schiaparelli Glacier at Monte Sarmiento Massif, Tierra del Fuego (54° 24′ S). Geosciences. 9, 340.
10. Li, M.Y., Duan, J.P., Wang, L.L., Zhu, H.F., 2018. Late summer temperature reconstruction based on tree-ring density for Sygera Mountain, southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Global and Planetary Change. 163, 10-17.
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