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Name:Rendeng Shi
Title & Affiliation:associate prof
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Research Interest

evolution of Tethys oceanic mantle and formation of chromitite

Selected Publications

1) Rendeng Shi, Jingsui Yang, Zhiqin Xu, et al., 2008. The Bangong Lake ophiolite (NW Tibet) and its bearing on the tectonic evolution of the Bangong–Nujiang suture zone, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 32(5-6): 438-457.2)Rendeng Shi, Olivier Alard, Xiachen Zhi, et al., 2007. Multiple events in the Neo-Tethyan Oceanic upper mantle: Evidence from Ru-Os-Ir alloys in the Luobusa and Dongqiao ophiolitic podiform chromitites, Tibet. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 261: 33-48.3)Shi Rendeng, Yang Jingsui, Wu Cailai, et al., 2006. Island Arc Volcanic Rocks in the North Qaidam UHP Belt, Northern Tibet Plateau: Evidence for Ocean-Continent Subduction Followed by Continent-Continent Subduction. The Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 28: 151-159. 4)Shi Rendeng. 2007. SHRIMP dating of the Bangong Lake SSZ-type ophiolite: Constrains the closure time of Ocean in the Bangong Lake-Nujiang River, northwestern Tibet. Chinese Science Bulletin, 52(7): 936-941.5)Shi Rendeng, Yang Jingsui, Xu Zhiqin, et al., 2004. Discovery of the boninite series volcanic rocks in the Bangong Lake ophiolite mélange, Western Tibet and its tectonic implication. Chinese Science Bulletin, 12: 1272-1278.