Talent details

Name:Jinzhi Ding
Title & Affiliation:Ph.D, Associate Professor
Homepage in Chinese:http://sourcedb.itpcas.cas.cn/cn/expert/202010/t20201026_5722333.html
Address:Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Education and Appointments

Ph.D. Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017
M. S. Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2010
B. S. School of Life Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, 2006
Associate Professor, Key laboratory of Alpine Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2020-present
Post-doctor, Key laboratory of Alpine Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017-2020

Research Interest

Research Interests: Carbon exchange between alpine ecosystems and the atmosphere and its feedback to climate change and its response to changing climate; dynamics of structure and functioning of alpine ecosystems, and how the alpine ecosystem functioning is determined by the interplay of climate, plant and soil microbial processes. 
Research Fields: Biogeochemical Cycling, Climate Change Ecology

Selected Publications

1. Ren, S., J.Z. Ding*, Z.J. Yan, Y.F. Cao, J. Li, Y.H. Wang, D. Liu, H. Zeng and T. Wang* (2020). Higher Temperature Sensitivity of Soil C Release to Atmosphere From Northern Permafrost Soils as Indicated by a MetaAnalysis. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 34, e2020GB006688.   

2. Ding, J.Z., T. Wang*, S. Piao, P. Smith, G. Zhang, Z. Yan, S. Ren, D. Liu, S. Wang, S. Chen, F. Dai, J. He, Y. Li, Y. Liu, J. Mao, A. Arain, H. Tian, X. Shi, Y. Yang, N. Zeng and L. Zhao (2019). The paleoclimatic footprint in the soil carbon stock of the Tibetan permafrost region. Nature Communications 10: 4195. 

3. Yang, T., J.Z. Ding*, D. Liu, X. Wang and T. Wang* (2019). Combined Use of Multiple Drought Indices for Global Assessment of Dry Gets Drier and Wet Gets Wetter Paradigm. Journal of Climate 32: 737-748. 

4. Ding, J.Z*, T. Yang, Y. Zhao, D. Liu, X. Wang, Y. Yao, S. Peng, T. Wang* and S. Piao (2018). Increasingly important role of atmospheric aridity on Tibetan alpine grasslands. Geophysical Research Letters 45: 2852-2859. 

5. Ding, J.Z., L. Chen, C. Ji, G. Hugelius, Y. Li, L. Liu, S. Qin, B. Zhang, G. Yang, F. Li, K. Fang, Y. Chen, Y. Peng, X. Zhao, H. He, P. Smith, J. Fang and Y. Yang* (2017). Decadal soil carbon accumulation across Tibetan permafrost regions. Nature Geoscience 10: 420-424. 

6. Ding, J.Z., F. Li, G. Yang, L. Chen, B. Zhang, L. Liu, K. Fang, S. Qin, Y. Chen, Y. Peng, C. Ji, H. He, P. Smith and Y. Yang* (2016). The permafrost carbon inventory on the Tibetan Plateau: a new evaluation using deep sediment cores. Global Change Biology 22: 2688-2701. 

7. Ding, J.Z., L. Chen, B. Zhang, L. Liu, G. Yang, K. Fang, Y. Chen, F. Li, D. Kou, C. Ji, Y. Luo and Y. Yang* (2016). Linking temperature sensitivity of soil CO2 release to substrate, environmental and microbial properties across alpine ecosystems. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 30: 1310-1323. 

8. Kou, D., J.Z. Ding, F. Li, N. Wei, K. Fang, G. Yang, B. Zhang, L. Liu, S. Qin, Y. Chen, J. Xia and Y. Yang (2019). Spatially-explicit estimate of soil nitrogen stock and its implication for land model across Tibetan alpine permafrost region. Science of the Total Environment 650: 1795-1804. 

9. Chen, Y., D. Kou, F. Li, J.Z. Ding, G. Yang, K. Fang and Y. Yang (2019). Linkage of plant and abiotic properties to the abundance and activity of N-cycling microbial communities in Tibetan permafrost-affected regions. Plant and Soil 434: 453-466. 

10. Guo, H., X. Wang, T. Wang, Y. Ma, J. Ryder, T. Zhang, D. Liu, J.Z. Ding, Y. Li and S. Piao (2018). Spring Snow-Albedo Feedback Analysis Over the Third Pole: Results From Satellite Observation and CMIP5 Model Simulations. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 123: 750-763. 

11. Liu, D., S. Piao, T. Wang, X. Wang, X. Wang, J.Z. Ding, P. Ciais, J. Pecuelas and I. Janssens (2018). Decelerating autumn CO2 release with warming induced by attenuated temperature dependence of respiration in Northern Ecosystems." Geophysical Research Letters 45: 5562-5571. 

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