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Name:Xin Liu
Title & Affiliation:Associate Professor
Homepage in Chinese:
Address:18 Shuangqing road, Haidian, Beijing 100085, China

Education and Appointments

Research Interest

Atmospheric Dynamics and Boundary Layer Meteorology

Selected Publications

1. Thermal adaptation of the large-scale circulation to the summer heating over the Tibetan Plateau, 2001,Progress in Nature Sciences, Beijing, 11(3), 207-214 2. Relationship of the annul variation of Tibetan Plateau heating and atmospheric circulation in Boreal Summer, ACTA Meteorologica Sinica, 2002, Vol.60(3), 267-277 3. The Seasonal variation of Tibetan Plateau heating and Asian circulation, Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 2002, Vol. 26(6), 781-793 4. Huang-Hsiung Hsu and Liu Xin, The relationship between the Tibetan Plateau heating and East Asian summer monsoon rainfall, Geophysical Research Letters, 2003,30(20),2066 5. Numerical modeling of the Influence of Eurasian Orography on the Diurnal Change of Summer Atmospheric Circulation, Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 2007, Vol. 31(3), 389-399