Talent details

Name:Peiping Song
Title & Affiliation:Ph.D, Associate Professor
Homepage in Chinese:http://sourcedb.itpcas.cas.cn/cn/expert/202007/t20200720_5637683.html
Address:Building 3, Courtyard 16, Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Education and Appointments


Ph.D. in Structure Geology, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ITPCAS), China, 2015
B. S. in Geology, School of Earth Science and Resources, Chang’an University, China, 2010
2020.11-present Associate Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China
2018.09-2020.10 Assistant Professor, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China
2017.01-2017.12 Visiting Scholar, University of Utah, USA
2016.01-2018.08 Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China

Research Interest

Research Interests: Paleomagnetism & Rock magnetism, Geochronology, Continental tectonics

Research Fields: Applications of geochronology, paleomagnetism, and rock magnetism to tectonics evolution of the Tibet Plateau and its surrounding areas

Selected Publications

1. Peiping Song*, Lin Ding, Peter C. Lippert, Zhenyu Li, Xie Jing, 2020. Paleomagnetism of Middle Triassic Lavas From Northern Qiangtang (Tibet): Constraints on the Closure of the Paleo-Tethys Ocean, Journal of Geophysical research: Solid Earth 125, e2019JB017804; 

2. Zhongyu Xiong, Lin Ding*, A.Spicer, Alexander Farnsworth, Xu Wang, Paul J. Valdes, Tao Su, Qinghai Zhang, Liyun Zhang, Fulong Cai, Houqi Wang, Zhenyu Li, Peiping Song, Xudong Guo, Yahui Yue, 2020. The early Eocene Rise of the Gonjo Basin, SE Tibet: from Low Desert to High Forest. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 543: 116312; 
3. Weidong Liu et al., 2019. Joint Construction of Green Silk Roads. China Commerce Trade Press, Chapter 1.
4. Peiping Song, Lin Ding*, Zhenyu Li, Peter C. Lippert, Yahui Yue, 2017. An early bird from Gondwana: Paleomagnetism of Lower Permian lavas from northern Qiangtang (Tibet) and the geography, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 475, 119-133;
5. Lin Ding*, Maksatbek Satybaev, FuLong Cai, HouQi Wang, Peiping Song, Weiqiang Ji, Qiang Xu, Liyun Zhang, Muhammad Qasim and Upendra Baral, 2017. Processes of initial collision and suturing between India and Asia, Science China: Earth Sciences
6. Lin Ding*, Zhenyu Li, Peiping Song, 2017. Core Fragments of Tibetan Plateau from Gondwanaland United in Northern Hemisphere. Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences 32 (9), 945-950. (in Chinese with English abstract)
7. Zhenyu Li*, Lin Ding, Peiping Song, Jiajun Fu, Yahui Yue, 2017. Paleomagnetic constraints on the paleolatitude of the Lhasa block during the Early Cretaceous: Implications for the onset of India–Asia collision and latitudinal shortening estimates across Tibet and stable Asia, Gondwana Research 41, 352-372; 
8. Zhenyu Li, Lin Ding*, Peter C. Lippert, Peiping Song, Yahui Yue, and Douwe J.J. van Hinsbergen, 2016. Paleomagnetic constraints on the Mesozoic drift of the Lhasa terrane (Tibet) from Gondwana to Eurasia, Geology 44, 727-730; 
9. Peiping Song, Lin Ding, Zhenyu Li, Peter C. Lippert, Tianshui Yang, Xixi Zhao, Jiajun Fu, Yahui Yue, 2015, Late Triassic paleolatitude of the Qiangtang block: Implications for the closure of the Paleo-Tethys Ocean, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 424, 69-83;
10. Richard V. Heermance, Alex Pullen, Paul Kapp, Carmala N. Garzione, Scott Bogue, Lin Ding, and Peiping Song, 2013, Climatic and tectonic controls on sedimentation and erosion during the Pliocene–Quaternary in the Qaidam Basin (China), Geological Society of America Bulletin.