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ITP Delegation Visits the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


On April 8th, Prof. CHEN Fahu from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (ITP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), led a delegation to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). Vice President of MTA, Prof. Ferenc Hudecz, along with the heads of relevant MTA sections, and Vice Rector of Eotvos Loránd University in Hungary, Prof. Imre Hamer, attended the meeting with the ITP delegation.


Prof. Hudecz, on behalf of MTA, warmly welcomed Prof. Chen and his colleagues. He highlighted the fruitful scientific collaboration in physics, life sciences, and biodiversity between MTA and CAS, which has been the results of sustained efforts from both sides. Recognizing Hungary's historical significance as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Prof. Hudecz emphasized the country's crucial role in promoting cross-regional transdisciplinary studies to deepen the understanding of the interaction between environment change and the development of civilizations along the Silk Road.


Prof. CHEN Fahu, who serves as the Chair of the Association for Trans-Eurasia Exchange and Silk Road Civilization Development (ATES), and the inaugural Executive Director of the Secretariat of the Alliance of National and International Science Organizations for the Belt and Road Regions (ANSO), expressed heartfelt appreciation to Prof. Hudecz and the MTA headquarters for their unwavering support of ANSO and ATES.


During the meeting, both sides reached an agreement to jointly organize the "ANSO-MTA Silk Road Forum and the 3rd ATES Open Science Conference" in Budapest in 2025, as part of MTA's 200th-anniversary celebrations. They also pledged to enhance scientific collaboration through the development of joint research projects, establishment of joint laboratories, and facilitation of scientist exchanges between the two organizations in the future.


The seven Chinese delegates from ITPCAS, the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP)/CAS, and the Secretariat of ANSO, visited MTA. Ms. SHI Yi, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, was also invited to attend the meeting.


The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) is the oldest and greatest institution of Hungarian science founded in 1825. The MTA is the most trusted public institution in Hungary, performing nation-wide missions related to the implementation, promotion, and representation of science. The basic units of the MTA’s organization are eleven scientific sections covering broad range of disciplines. MTA is one of 37 founding members of ANSO and the Governing Board Member from 2018 to 2023.

Greetings from Prof. Ferenc Hudecz, Vice President of MTA


Remarks by Prof. Fahu Chen from ITPCAS