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Experts from California University, USA, Invited as Visiting Professor of ITP


Professor Yin An and Mark. Harrison from Department of Earth and Planet Sciences of University of California, Los Angeles visited ITP. Director Yao Tandong, deputy director Liu Xiaohan, and professor Ding Lin received the guests and had friendly conversation with them on scientific fields for future cooperation. Director Yao Tandong offered the contracts of appointment to the American guests, which were willingly accepted.

Professor Yin An and Mark. Harrison have been engaged in Tibetan Plateau research for years and have made remarkable achievements. Professor Yin An is an expert in geologic structure, and professor Mark Harrison specializes in research on dynamic processes of lithosphere through isotopic geochemistry methods. The joining in of the two American experts will help ITP broaden fields of its international cooperation, strength the cross-link and integration of various subjects, and enhance communication and cooperation between both sides. It also creates favorable conditions for the startup of follow-up programs.