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ITP and American, British Scientists Conduct Joint Research on Quaternary Glaciations of Tibetan Plateau


Scientists from ITP, University of California at Riverside, USA, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA, and St. Andrews University, UK, are going to conduct research on glacier geomorphy and sedimentation in several typical areas of the Tibetan Plateau. The research group is composed of 12 people, including professor Yi Chao Lu and assistant professor Li Dewen from ITP, Lewis Owen and Robert Finkel from USA, and Douglas Benn from UK.

       The research will be conducted mainly in Rongbusi area on the north slope of the Tibetan Plateau. It will focus on characteristics of glacier geomorphy and sedimentation in that area, and chronology of cosmic nuclide in Quaternary glaciers. The excursion starts on June 1, 2004, and will last for nearly a month. According to bilateral agreement, US will afford the total expense of this excursion. China will sponsor the excursion for integrated research on Quaternary glaciers to be conducted in Namunani in this August.