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Introduction of talents cultivation

The institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS (ITP), started to enroll graduates in 2004, and has so far admitted 221 graduates, including 132 masters’ candidates and 89 PhD candidates. The ITP is currently hosting 129 graduates (61 PhD candidates and 68 master’s candidates). Year 2009 also witnessed the admission of one foreign graduate from Nepal to major in physical geography.

There are four secondary subjects, i.e., physical geography, atmospheric physics and environment, tectonic geology and solid geophysics, for masters’ candidates, in addition to two secondary subjects to PhD candidates as physical geography and tectonic geology. The institute is grounded in a solid intellectual platform, with 19 professors (including one CAS academician, four NSFC Distinguished Young Scholars and 15 winners of CAS ‘Hundred Talents Program’) and 32 associated professors. Among them, over 30 scientific staff is outstanding returned scholars from abroad. A group of administrative staff and technicians, with good teamwork spirit and specialist skills, are also ready and willing to help graduates adapt to the working and living environment at the institute.

With annual enrolment in every autumn, the ITP hosts her annual graduates admission and talents cultivation in Beijing, offering direct-shifting-to- PhD chances for outstanding masters’ candidates. Besides, under the auspices of National 973 Project, and various key research programs and key international (regional) cooperation program funded by the NSFC and CAS, the ITP also harbors a long-term friendly cooperation with countries worldwide. Among them, the scientific cooperation with German, American, Japanese and French counterparts has incubated active talents exchanges and long-term correspondence, creating a benign research atmosphere and international cooperation. The joint research ranges from physical geography, geomorphologic evolution, quaternary environment, climate change, hydrological processes, atmospheric processes, phytophysiology and ecology, remote sensing and GIS, tectonics, petrogeochemistry, sediment paleo-environment and resources, to solid geophysics.

If you are interested in these subjects, and wish to admire the spectacular scenes of the Tibetan plateau in person, please visit the website (http://english.gu.cas.cn/ada/) to know more about the GUCAS regulations in admitting foreign graduates.

For more information to further study with us, you can also contact Ms Wei Wu and Mr. Xiaolin Zhen at (+86)10-62849396 (Tel) or (+86)10-62849886 (Fax).

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