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The special geological structure and geographic environment of the Tibetan Plateau have always been the focus of attention of international scientific realm. It ranks among the most active platform for international scientific research as it offers a collection of lots of foreland issues in modern natural sciences.

In the past decades, scientists from ITP have proposed lots of of scientific hypotheses on the forming mechanism, evolution processes of the Tibetan Plateau and its impact on climate and environment, and have conducted large-scale expeditions and researches, including: Sino-France study on the evolution and dynamics of the crust and the upper mantle of Hymalayas; Sino-France study on the deformed structure and orogenetic process of the Songpan-Ganzi orogenic belt; Sino-France study on the tectonic evolution and subduction of the lithosphere of Aerjin-Qilian Mountians; Sino-Japan expedition to west Kunlun Mountain glacier; Sino-Japan land-atmospheric process Study in the Tibetan Plateau; Sino-Germany Tibet glacier expedition; Sino-British comprehensive geological investigation from Lhasa to Golmud, joint study on natural environment in the North part of Yulong Mountain; Sino-Canadian study on “Diamond in Ultramafic Rocks of Ophiolite Zone in Tibet”; Sino-US study on thermo-balance in Tibet; Sino-Norway atudy on atmosphere environment in Qomolangma; study on the Pan-Third Pole Environment (Pan-TPE) for a Green Silk Road; Sino-India and Sino-Nepal study on the Third Pole glacier-lakes interaction and its environmental effects amid climate warming; Sino-Pakistan study on the Third Pole water cycle under monsoon-westerly interaction and its hydrological and environmental implications; Sino-India study on the understanding the Third Pole environment with studies on water stable isotopes and glacier mass-balance; Sino-Pakistan study on the Interaction of westerly and summer monsoon in upper Indus Basin and its impact on water resource; Sino-Pakistan study on the behaviors of Indian lithospheric mantle beneath the western Himalayan syntaxis; Sino-Nepal study on the surface water circulation in the north and south slope area of Himalaya; Sino-Nepal Study on the variations in forest structure and patterns in the past 100 years along elevational transects in the eastern Himalayas, Sino-Germany study on the Comparison of paleoclimatic records in the south and north Tibetan Plateau revealing the evolution and coupling of the Indian monsoon and the inner Asia aridification; and Sino-Germany study on the Relationship between the Asian inland droughts recorded by the Qaidam deep drilling and the uplift of Tibet Plateau, etc. With the rapid process of internationalization of Tibetan Plateau research, major scientists involved in this field from some developed countries and areas like Europe, US and Japan have initiated a non-governmental scientific organization which holds Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet Workshop annually.

Aware of the importance for international academic communication, the ITP takes a lead in cooperation with research groups from Germany, US, Japan, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Kyrgyz, Sweden, Tajik, Singapore, Austria, Norway, Canada, Swiss, Burma, Italy and UK to promote mutually-benefiting collaborations. The international ties and scope of established ITP research projects will continue the distinguished achievements of the Institute and form the basis of leading scientific research.

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