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Director’s Address


Composed of three campuses, in Lhasa, Beijing, and Kunming, ITPCAS was established to facilitate Chinese scientific research, as well as contribute to international joint effort in enhancing human understanding of the plateau region. The Lhasa facility was designed to conduct field experiments and maintain monitoring platforms. The Beijing campus administers programs, maintains an analytical laboratory, and provides a setting for international cooperation. The Kunming facility is managed by the Kunming Institute of Botany, and mainly oversees the establishment of a genetic material repository and conducts studies on species adaptability in extreme environments.


CAS charges ITP with the following tasks and objectives:

  • integrate plans and projects related to the Plateau research;
  • associate and coordinate related institutes, departments, research forces, and resources to play an important role in the development of Tibetan Plateau research;
  • strengthen surveys and data collection systems;
  • enhance laboratory capabilities;
  • organize a creative international research team, developing into the international center of Tibetan Plateau research; and
  • utilize cutting-edge techniques to analyze primary data and carry out original research on earth structures, environmental gradients, global change, land surface processes, atmospheric processes, and genetic materials.


We plan to stick to the tenet of “research the plateau in the essence of the plateau” That is, we approach our research of the plateau with the same tenacity, resilience, and determination that such harsh conditions require of existence on the plateau. Through this positive attitude we hope to attract more outstanding people to join us to advance the processes of internationalization of ITP. We will seize this opportunity of history reform and development, and ally superior forces to develop ITP into a top-ranking international institute. We will keep close contact with international scientific realm, yet at the same time expect high performance from our Chinese researchers.


Here, on behalf of ITP, I wish to conclude my address with high respects to domestic and overseas scientists who work on Tibetan Plateau research and cordial thanks to leaders of all levels who have supported us!

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