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 Prof. Chen Fahu
Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
























  • Education :
    Ph.D. in Quaternary Sciences, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 1990
    M.Sc. in Physical Geography, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 1987
    B.Sc. in Physical Geography, Lanzhou University (Lanzhou), 1984
  • Appointments :
    Professor, Director, Institute of Tibet Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Science, 2018-present
    Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou university, 2015-present
    Professor, Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change, Lanzhou University, 2009-2014
    Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lanzhou university, 1994-2009
    Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Lanzhou University, 1992-1994
    Lecturer, Department of Geography, Lanzhou University, 1990-1994
    Vice-President (responsible for research and journal management), Lanzhou University,2007-present
    Director, Key Laboratory of West China’s Environmental System, Ministry of Education, China, 2005-present
    Director, Center for Arid Environment and Paleoclimate Research (CAEP), 2001-2008 Visiting Professor, University College of London, UK, 2001-2006
    Dean, College of Earth and Environment Sciences, 1999-2005
    Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Liverpool, 1995-1997
  • Public Services:

    Environmental Change Commission, Chinese Geography Society (2000-present)
    Arid Environment Change Commission, CHIQUA Society (2000-2016)
    Rapid Climatic Changes in the Central-Asia's Dryland (RACHAD INQUA Working Group(1999-2007)
    E. Asian Holocene Sub-commission of Holocene Commission, INQUA(1999-2004)
    Society/Commission Vice-President:

IGU-Environment Evolution Commission (2012-present)
Chinese Nature Resource Society (2014-present)
Chinese Geography Society (2010-present)
Chinese Quaternary Science Associate (2015-present)
Executive Committee Member:

Chinese Geography Society,Chinese Quaternary Associate, and Chinese Nature Resources Society.

Society Members:

CNC-IGBP-PAGES (2000-present), CNC-IHDP (2004-2006), Earth and Environment Sciences in Science and Technology Commission (Ministry of Education), Advisory Board of International Paleolimnology Associate (IPA) (2007-2015); IGU Environment evolution commission (2012-present); IGU Land Degradation and Desertification (COMLAND, 2004-present).

Editorial Board Members:

Journal of Quaternary Science (2014-present); Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (2014-present); Chinese Science Bulletin(2003-2012), Journal of Chinese Desert (Only Chinese version, 1999-present), Journal of Quaternary Research (only Chinese version, 2004-present), Advances of Earth Science (only Chinese version, 2003-present), Arid Land Geography (Only Chinese Version, 2004-present).

Associate Editors:

Frontier of Earth Science (2012-present),Journal of Arid Land (2015-present), Journal of Arid Land Resources and Environment (in Chinese, 2004-2013), Journal of Glacier and Permafrost (in Chinese, 2006-present), Journal of Scientia Geographica Sinica (2010-present), Frontier of Earth Science (2009-present).

Executive Editor-In-Chief:

Science China: Earth Science (2013-present)

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