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Geologists from Macquarie University of Australia visited ITP

Invited by LCPU scientist Prof. SHI Rendeng, Prof. Sue O’Reilly and William L. Griffin from Macquarie University, Australia, visited ITP during September 16-20, 2014.

Their visit included an academic report by Prof. Griffin entitled “Diamonds and Transition-Zone metamorphism in Tibetan ophiolites”. Being an international expert in the "Strategic Priority Research Program(B)" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Grinffin was experienced in geochemical and dynamic evolution of the crust-mantle system. He had conducted research on diamonds existence in the Plateau. His presentation aroused wide attention and discussions among audiences, with topics ranging from dating to the formation of diamonds, from evolution of the Tethys Ocean to the crustal evolution of the Tibetan Plateau lithosphere, and other related scientific questions.

Director of the ARC National Key Centre for Geochemical Evolution and Metallogeny of Continents (GEMOC) since 1995 and leader of the Lithosphere Mapping and Mantle Dynamics Group in GEMOC, Prof. O Reilly was also interested in establishing a long-term collaboration with ITP. She discussed with Prof. YAO Tandong on possible collaboration in the geological study of the Tibetan Plateau and on joint education of young scientists. A Memorandum of understanding was thereafter signed between GEMOC and ITPCAS to consolidate the bilateral collaborations.


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