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TPE hosted a training program for young scientists in the Third Pole region

During August 18 to 30, 2014, the Third Pole Environment program hosted a Science & Technology training program for young scientists in the region. About 19 young scientists from the Third Pole region joined the program.

The 12-day training included 7-day course teaching, with subjects ranging from geology to geodynamics and environmental changes. It also offered 2 learning experiences in the laboratory, 2 field work experiences, 3 academic exchanges with scientists from other institutions and 1 academic exchange among the participants.

The training program was funded by CAS Bureau of International Cooperation. With an aim to help train young scientists in the Third Pole region, this program attracted 19 young scholars from 8 nations in the region, including Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and China.


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