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NAMORS welcomes IGS delegates

An International Glaciological Society (IGS) delegation was welcome to the NAMORS, Tibet, China, shortly after the IGS international workshop in Beijing this August. Consisting of Prof. Douglas MacAyeal, Prof. Robert Bindschadler and other experienced glaciologists,the delegation was shown around the station to frequent themselves with monitoring and observation activities in the field.

Prof. KANG Shichang, director of NAMORS, presented a talk during their visit, to introduce to them scientific goals and activities conducted at the station. He focused on demonstrating observation and monitoring activities done so far related to glacial monitoring in the region.



IGS scientists were greatly impressed by academic expedition and monitoring activities carried out at the station. They expressed intense interest to promote academic exchanges and communications among international glaciologists, and bring together Third Pole Environment experts and those engaged in scientific research on the north and south poles of the Earth for a joint study of global changes.



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