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Prof YAO Tandong talks at China National Geography Forum

Recently, Prof. YAO Tandong was invited to talk at China National Geography Forum, an activity joint sponsored by the China National Geography Press and AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management Co., Ltd. for the popularization of science.

Entitled “Tibetan Plateau Glaciers”, Prof. Yao’s talk was given on June 5, 2014. He introduced in his talk the importance of the Tibetan Plateau glaciers in the Third Pole region. Through sharing his stories with glaciers, he informed the audience of research approaches and results from the Tibetan plateau glacier study. He laid special emphasis on the introduction of Tibetan Plateau glacial variations under global climate change, and demonstrated some potential threats caused by glacial variation, e.g., glacial lake outburst flood and other social and economic crisis in association. Finally, he suggested on some adaption strategies, and briefed on the Third Pole Environment program.

This talk was targeted at a variety of audience ranging from graduates from institutions and universities to the general public who loves science and traveling. It helps bring glacial study to the general public, thus arousing the public awareness of potential influence of global warming on glacial changes and social sustainability and security.  

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