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The 8th TPE workshop successfully held in Gothenburg of Sweden

In close collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, the 8th TPE workshop was held during September 24-26 in Gothenburg, Sweden. This workshop was conducted with a theme on Regional climate change: from pole to pole, and encouraged propositions and action plans to move forward the Earth System Science by finding synergy among researches in the three poles. Over 80 scientists from 20 countries attended the workshop, 53 oral and 4 poster presentations were presented, and in-depth discussions were carried out by break-out groups and in the plenary.
During the five plenary sessions, 36 presentations covered four major topics ranging from third pole/high pole climate and environment to three-pole research, and from the links between the third pole and North Pole to the link between third pole and Antarctica. On the last day of the workshop, 9 presentations were invited during each of the three breakout sessions, and were then followed by lively and constructive group discussions.
Both the presentations and group discussions contributed to the summary of the five key topics of common interests, including:
1)  Abnormal warming revealed to observation and modeling (data set, same parameter and standard data processing) for different poles
2)  Cryosphere melting/variations and related earth system processes, particularly precipitation and temperature, water balance at whole pole region scale, carbon cycle and sea level
3)  Atmospheric/oceanic dynamics related teleconnections between third pole and North Pole
4)  Ecosystem response and feedbacks
5)  Integrated earth system science approaches for more reliable prediction and appropriate adaptations, such as data sharing, good-behavior earth system model, Mongolia adaptation measures.
The Sweden TPE Office at Gothenburg was formally launched during the 8th TPE workshop, thus further enriching the nexus of the TPE global network. More satellite offices were also identified and/or proposed, including Frankfurt of Germany and Tehran of Iran (both ready to an MoU to officially opening), Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan, Utrecht of Netherlands, Geneva of Switzerland, Lima of Peru and Bergen of Norway. Though the venue for the next workshop was not decided yet, five offers (i.e., Geneva/Switzerland, Paris/France, Utrecht/ Netherlands, Bergen/Norway, and Lima/Peru) were proposed by the TPE workshop participants. The final decision will be announced later, after consultations with potential hosts.

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