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TEL 95th academic frontier lecture weclomes Nobuyuki Tamai

Invited by TEL Prof. YANG Kun, Prof. Nobuyuki Tamai, Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo and Honorary Professor of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, is visiting ITP this Wednesday and will give a talk entitled “Hydrological and Hydraulic Adaptation to Climate Change”.

VenueMeeting Room 915, ITP office building


Time: 2.30 pm, Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Key points to be covered in  the talk include:


1. Overview of hydrological and hydraulic engineering and climate change, including the following contents: (1) trends of global warming. (2) Comparison of annual precipitation between a cold and a warm periods, and impacts on floods and droughts. (3) Degradation of current projects’ flood safety by climate change. (4)Sea level rise. (5) A Framework of river basin management model for adaptation to climate change.


2. Local Torrential Downpours and New Principles for Preparedness: (1) Examples of local torrential downpours-Niigata prefecture, Tokyo metropolitan area, city of Kanazawa and city of Okazaki. (2) Catastrophic typhoons and deep landslide. (3) Future policy for disaster mitigation- Introduction of level two floods.




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