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Upcoming report: Resolving the Microbial Communities Residing in Antarctic Lakes: One Cell at a Time

Venue: No. 915 Meeting room, ITP, Beijing

Time: 3.00 -5.00 pm, Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Presenter: Wei Li


2005 Bachelor in Biology at Sichuan University.
2009 Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Huaxi medical school, Sichuan University
2011- present PhD candidate in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology at Miami University, USA


The McMurdo Dry Valleys (MDV) of Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica harbors numerous permanently ice-covered lakes, which provide unique aquatic oases to support the food webs that are completely dominated by the microbial loop. A better understanding of MDV microbial community dynamics will contribute to answering the open, and fundamental questions in microbial ecology. Lake Bonney is one of several lakes that are part of a Long Term Ecological Research site (McMurdo LTER). Protists are the dominant eukaryotes in this lake, and they play important trophic roles from primary producers to the top predators in this simple food web. During our most recent field season (October December 2012), we applied microscopic and flowcytometry single-cell sorting methods, and combined with metagenomic approach to identify the potential trophic and physiologic function of specific protistan organisms in the lake ecosystem.


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