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Analytical facilities



Isotope ratio mass spectrometer (MAT-253-IRMS)

Among the first batch of equipment purchased by the ITPCAS for sample analysis, it can be used to measure the stable isotopic ratios of C, N, H, and O, with the analytical precision for d14N and d13C as 0.15, for d18O as 0.1 and dD as 0.3.Since its set up, the machine has been running almost day and night, with 320 samples measured weekly. Most of the measurements are attributed to d18O, though the machine can also be used to measure d13C in the carbonate, as well as d13C in CH4 and d14N in the N2O in the air. 


Gas chromatograph/mass spectrograph(Polaris Q Trace-GC-MS)

Purchased in August, 2004, the Polaris Q Trace-GC-MS has been used for the measurement of trace element samples from the Tibetan Plateau, including the soil, snow/ice, animals and plants, POPs in the water, as well as organic trace element in the environment. It is running almost 2000h per year smoothly for sample measurement.



Ion chromatograph (ICS-2500, ICS-2000)

Both pieces of equipment were bought in 2004, and had ensured the monitoring and study of ice cores, atmospheric precipitation and water environment in the lab. Some innovations and development have also been applied to them, with notable breakthroughs in conducting research of organic acid in biology in the ice cores. In particular, the ICS2500 is mainly used for cation measurement such as Cl-, SO42-, NO3-, NO2-, PO43- and organic acid, while the ICS 2000 is mainly for anion measurement such as Na+, K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, and Ba2+. Both machines have been applied in the measurement of trace quantity for such samples as ice core, precipitation and river water on the Tibetan Plateau.


Inductively-coupled plasma spectrometer (X-Series ICP-MS)

This set of equipment has been applied in the measurement of trace, as well as major elements in aerosols, water, soil, rocks, plants and other samples collected on the Tibetan Plateau.



Total organic carbon/nitride analyzer (TOC-VCPH)

Purchased in 2005, the equipment has been applied in the analysis of total carbon/nitride content in lake sediment, soil samples and aerosols. It is running at a rate of 1000hr/year with good operating status.



High-purity gemanium g spectrometer (GWL-120-15):used for dating of shallow lake cores.

   Isotope ratio mass spectrometer (Delta-V-IRMS): used for measuring hydrogen stable isotopes, and carbon/nitride stable isotopic composition in such solid samples as plants and soil.
   Laser Particle size analyzer (LFC-101): used in studying particle shapes, and sizes in aerosol, lake sediment, ice core, soil and outwash.  






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