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Guest Experts

Lonnie G. Thompson, Deputy Director of the Academic Advisory Committee of the ITPCAS

 Lonnie G. Thompson, Prof. Dr.

World renowned glaciologist and paleoclimatologist, Prof. Thompson has been in long-term cooperation with Prof. Tandong Yao in ice core retrieval and paleoclimatology from the Tibetan Plateau. Through the joint cooperation, he has helped cultivate a number of outstanding Chinese scholars by inviting them to do research at the Byrd Polar Research Center, the Ohio State University, where he maintains a cold room for storage of ice cores drilled throughout the tropical alpine regions. At the founding of the ITPCAS, he was invited by Prof. Yongxiang Lu for an interview and appointed by the CAS as the Academic director of the institute. In spite of his busy schedule, he always tries to present at the welcoming ceremony of postgraduates in the ITPCAS. Early 2009, he also managed to hold a teleconferenced lecture on Climate Change, a course held synchronously at the Ohio State University and the Institute of Tibetan Plateau.

Lonnie is member of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A, and foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2011, he was invited to participate in an article competition activity organized by the CAS. He not only composed, in spite of his busy schedule, a paper suggesting on high-level peer-review process in selecting worthy programs to fund, also handwrote a letter of over six pages to express his hopes for CAS development. In 2011, he won the Award for International Scientific Cooperation of the CAS for his long-term engagement in the Sino-US scientific cooperation and joint talents cultivation.

For updated information of him, you can visit the Byrd Polar Research website.


Deliang Chen, Adjunct Professor

 Deliang Chen, Prof. Dr.

Dr. Deliang Chen,an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, is currently Professor at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He was Executive Director of the International Council for Science (ICSU: www.icsu.org) during 2009-2012. He showed great support to the development of Third Pole Environment (TPE) by participating in the 3rd TPe workshop at Reykjavik, Iceland, and offering suggestions. Previous appointments in China include Science Director of the Beijing Climate Center (http://bcc.cma.gov.cn/) which also serves as National Climate Center of China (2002-2008).
He is an internationally renowned climate researcher and he has made an important contribution to the understanding of regional climate changes in Sweden and China. He and his group are interested in regional climate variability and recent (around 500 years back) and future (present-100 years) climate changes in Sweden and in China. They also work on studies of local climate and its impact on the environment. His recent research interest has included climate changes on the Tibetan Plateau and their regional impacts. He was appointed adjunct professor of the ITPCAS during his visit in May, 2012.
To know more about him, please visit his website at http://rcg.gvc.gu.se/dc/.


William Isherwood, English editor


William Isherwood, Prof.


  A.B. degree in Mathematics, Princeton University, 1963

  M.S. degree in Geophysics, University of Utah, 1967

  Ph.D. degree in Geologic Sciences, University of Colorado, 1975

  M.B.A. degree in Management, Golden Gate University, 1981  

Research area: Geologic Sciences

Prof. William Isherwood was employed by the ITPCAS in April 2004. And since then, he has been very helpful to the institute by giving academic lectures to postgraduates and polishing the English of scientific papers for research staff at the institute.

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