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Visiting scholars

Daniel R. Joswiak, PhD



Name of University/Institution

Location (city,country)



From to(mm/yyyy)

University of Idaho

Moscow, U.S.A.



08/2004 to 08/2008

University of Idaho

Moscow, U.S.A.



08/2002 to 07/2004

University of Wisconsin

Madison, U.S.A.



08/1992 to 05/1998

 Having been involved in several field expeditions to Alaska, Central Asia and Tibet, Daniel is experienced in field, laboratory and classroom settings. Before coming to the ITPCAS since 2008 through the funding of the “CAS Research Fellowship for International Young Scholars”, he was trained extensively in various ice-core processing and isotope-chemistry laboratory analyses at University of Idaho, University of Maine and the National Ice Core Laboratory in Denver. He has also done some statistical analysis and interpretation of climate data. In the past year, he has conducted geochemistry analysis of ice cores recovered from Tanggula, mainly focusing on analysis of the oxygen isotope ratios recorded in the ice core. Greatly valuing the research opportunity here, he is applying for further funding to continue with evaluation of variable contribution of different moisture supplies from the Tanggula ice core by analyzing both the oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios in the ice core.
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